The emergence of Facebook as a leading social networking today, was not in balanced with strong security systems to personal data held by a facebook user. 

According to Consumer Reports Magazine, more than half of social networking users inadvertently disclose their personal data, which can be used for evil motives. Consumer Reports Magazine revealed that seven Blunder by Facebook users: 

1. Using a weak password 
It should use the 8 character password that contains a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. 

2. Bring birth date 
Date of birth should not be in the show to just anyone, because people can use to break through a credit card or bank account. 

3. Ignores Privacy Control 
Facebook Privacy Control serves to maximize access restrictions beyond those of personal data. because people who are not in the know will not be free to access all data on the profile and photo gallery. 

4. Posting Child Name in Photo Caption 
Child's name often used by a parent to make email password or his facebook account. By placing the child's name, there is an opportunity to guess passwords. 

5. Citing information while traveling Far 
By claiming the status of being away from home so that no one was at home today. this can be utilized person who intends evil. 

6. Leaks of Personal Data on Search Engine 
Your personal data may not be until the leak to the search engines like google, to do re-adjustment section 'Search' on facebook's privacy controls. Select the option 'Only Friends' and make sure that the box 'Public Search' is not checked. 

7. Allowing a child to use Facebook without supervision. 
Now many of the children and teenagers who use Facebook so make sure parents are always watching.