Stress gives you power to react

I have been thinking to write personal post since I've started my first and very famous blog in some regions so breaking the ice.

Night 1 - Today I have decided to write about things which is being done by destiny. I personally feel that when you start your day with lovely morning and by listening hip-hop and calm music, So It feels very energetic. It's like you have started another better day of your life.

The mind is spoiled, when you got unnecessary things which shouldn't have happened.

" Stress gives you power to react "

Why people just don't understand that no one can tolerate their nonsense things, If someone is not replying you It doesn't mean you are a damn winner. It means you are being a part of JOKE.
Which never gives the smile on anyone face.

" Things has been changed, But It happened because you wanted to changed that thing in Life " 

There are so many things to rest for sharing, As I have heard sharing is caring So I'll be caring in next post.

Thanks for reading !!